The Committee

Core Committee Members

Chairperson: Dr Andrew Loke

Dr Andrew Loke is Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. He did his Bachelor in Medicine at National University of Singapore, worked for 7 years as a medical doctor, before completing his Masters in Philosophy at Biola University and his PhD in Theology at King’s College London under the supervision of Professor Alister McGrath. His PhD covered the disciplines of analytic philosophy of religion, systematic theology and historical-critical studies. He is the author of ‘The Origins of Divine Christology’ (Cambridge University Press, 2017), ‘God and Ultimate Origins’ (Springer Nature, 2017), ‘Science and Christian Faith’ (Ethos), ‘A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation’ (Routledge), 《星空背后的真理》, and《愈辯愈明:從哲學,科學,歷史辯證基督信仰》. In addition, he has published articles in leading international peer-reviewed journals such as Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Religious Studies (Cambridge University Press) and Journal of Theological Studies (Oxford University Press). He has spoken at conferences, universities, seminaries and churches internationally.

Areas of expertise: philosophy of religion, science and religion, systematic theology, historical Jesus

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Chan Man Ho

Dr. Chan, Man Ho graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2002. He obtained his Master degree in Physics, Doctoral degree in Physics, Master of Arts in Christian Studies, and Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2012 respectively from the same university. He is currently completing his second PhD in Philosophy of Religion at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). He is now an Assistant Professor of Department of Science and Environmental Studies at Education University of Hong Kong. Before joining HKIEd, he was a Lecturer in CUHK (Physics Department) for four years. His research interests include Astrophysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion, and dialogue in Science and Religion.

Areas of expertise: astrophysics, cosmology, christian theology, dialogue in science and religion.

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Chan Kai Yan

Dr Chan Kai Yan is Teaching Fellow at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was trained in analytic philosophy and his Ph.D. dissertation at The University of Hong Kong, a critical examination of Saul Kripke’s theory of reference, was in the area of Philosophy of Language. As a Christian, he is deeply committed to understanding the tenets and the rational basis of his Christian Faith, and to the advancement of Christian scholarship in the church and the world.

Areas of expertise: philosophy of religion and political philosophy.

Curriculum Development: Dr Kwan Kai Man

Dr Kai-man Kwan received his D. Phil. from the University of Oxford. He is a professor and the Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Areas of expertise: religious experience, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, epistemology, political philosophy and social ethics.

Secretary: Brian Wong

Brian Wong Wai Kin has been a Christian since his conversion in secondary school. He has completed the MPhil program in philosophy in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in which he researched on contemporary philosophy of mind. After graduation, he has a growing interest in classical Western philosophy and medieval philosophy, in particular, that of St. Thomas Aquinas. He is now a graduate student studying philosophy in KU Leuven.

Area of expertise: philosophy of mind.

Committee member: Dr Jonathan Johnson

Dr Jonathan Johnson was born into a pastor’s home in the United States and is the third generation of ministers in his family. He currently pastors Island Baptist Church on Hong Kong island, and has lived in Asia with his wife and three children for around 10 years. He has presented in philosophy conferences in Asia and Europe, and has articles being published in aesthetic and intercultural journals. Jonathan has also taught apologetics in the United States, Hong Kong, and China, and engages in debates and discussions with atheists, cult-members, and other world religions. In addition to apologetics and pastoring, Jonathan has worked as a professional artist and some of his artworks may be viewed via his website .

 Areas of expertise: practical and cultural apologetics

Treasurer and Strategic Development: KY Wong

KY Wong is a Christian businessman who is passionate about Apologetics and sees the critical need for it in our day and age in reaching those who are sincere seekers and to equip the body of Christ to share the gospel in a manner relevant to our modern world. He is a board member of RZIM and Faith Comes by Hearing ministry and has been involved in a number of apologetics events in Asia.

Committee Member: Dr Clinton R Ohlers

Dr Clinton R Ohlers is Research Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong. He has PhD and MA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in American History, where he specialized in American and European intellectual history and the history of science. He also earned an MA in the History of Christian Thought from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Areas of expertise: Science and Religion, Islamic studies

Internet and Social Media Assistant: Dr Domenic Marbaniang

Dr Domenic Marbaniang served as professor of apologetics, religions, and philosophy in India for a number of years. He presently teaches a couple of courses at Hong Kong Baptist University as a part-time lecturer. He is also an ordained minister with Central India Outreach and serves with the Emmanuel Christian Church in Hong Kong.

Areas of expertise: contextual apologetics, systematic theology, epistemology of religion, history of secularism.

Associate Speakers

The Honourable Stephen Lam GBM, GBS

Stephen Lam (林瑞麟) was  formerly  Chief Secretary (政務司司長) of the Hong Kong Government in 2011-2012.  Prior to this, he was Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs (政制及內地事務局局長). In this portfolio, for almost ten years, he was responsible for elections, human rights and Hong Kong’s relations with Mainland China and Taiwan. After retiring from the Hong Kong Government in June 2012, Mr. Lam read theology at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford (牛津大學), and the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics    (牛津基督教護教學中心). He graduated with the Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies in June 2013. Currently, Mr. Lam undertakes speaking engagements regularly among churches, schools and other institutions, both in Hong Kong and overseas. On the basis of his public service experience, from time to time, Mr. Lam also speaks at forums among universities and NGOs on issues of leadership and governance. Since 2013, Stephen Lam has been accredited as a Mediator by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in England (英國CEDR認可調解員). From time to time, he acts as mediator in resolving civil disputes in Hong Kong. Starting in 2014, Mr. Lam has been invited by the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries to join their Asia team as an Adjunct Speaker   (RZIM亞洲地區特約講員).

International Advisors

Dr William Lane Craig

Dr Paul Copan

Evangelical Philosophical Society

Hong Kong Advisors

Pastor Charles Chu – Duty Senior Pastor, Shatin Baptist Church

Pastor Patrick So – Senior Pastor, Yan Fook Church

Pastor Edmound Teo – Senior Pastor, International Christian Assembly




骆德恩,伦敦国王学院博士,在著名科学家-神学家阿利斯特•麦克格拉斯(Alister McGrath)的监督下完成他的博士课程。他的论文涵盖宗教哲学、神学和历史研究。
他的著作包括 ‘The Origin of Divine Christology’ (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming), ‘Science and Christian Faith’ (Ethos, 2016), ‘A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation’ (Routledge, 2014),《星空背后的真理》,和《愈辯愈明:從哲學,科學,歷史辯證基督信仰》,还有一些剑桥大学和牛津大学出版的国际知名学术期刊里的文章,内容讨论一些关键课题,如‘宇宙是否有创造者’,‘耶稣是否从死里复活’,等等。
在博士研究之前,他获得新加坡国立大学医学院学士,当了七年医生,并完成美国拜欧拉大学哲学硕士, 现今在香港大学担任研究助理教授












Brian Wong Wai Kin中學時決志成為基督徒。在香港中文大學完成哲學碩士,研究當代心靈哲學。畢業後,致力研究古典西方哲學及中世紀哲學,尤其是有關聖托馬斯阿奎那的學說。現時於魯汶大學研究院就讀哲學。



KY Wong是基督徒商人,熱衷於護教學,深信護教學對這世代認真的慕道者有着關鍵的幫助,同時亦可裝備信徒適切地分享福音。他是RZIM and Faith Comes by Hearing ministry董事會成員,曾積極參與在多個亞洲區的護教學項目上。


Dr William Lane Craig

Dr Paul Copan

Evangelical Philosophical Society



苏颖智牧師– 恩福堂主任牧師

Pastor Edmound Teo –基督教國際神召會(ICA)主任牧師

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