現代基督教護教學是華人教會的信徒裝備中最弱的一環,然而在今天資訊爆炸的時代,在網絡上充斥從各種的後基督教和世俗化的觀點和資訊, 基督信仰受到前所未見來自科學、哲學、價值觀的挑戰。HKCCA提供了非常高質素、適時適切的護教學培訓,能夠裝備傳道人以及信徒去回應時代的挑戰。因此我鼓勵教會,支持和善用HKCCA的培訓及資源,堅固信徒信仰、幫助年青代認識福音,捍衛聖經真理。 –朱世平牧師–沙田浸信會副主任牧師

Modern Christian apologetics is what Chinese churches lack in this information age. People are bombarded by all kinds of different information and ideas on the web, especially in this post-Christian and secular society. Christian faith is facing unprecedented challenges from science, philosophy and other worldviews. HKCCA provides high quality and timely training to equip ministers and believers to meet the challenge of our time. I encourage churches to team up with HKCCA and make use of HKCCA training program and resources to help strengthening Christian faith, in the evangelism for younger generations, and defense of biblical truth.

— Reverend Chu Sai Ping , Shatin Baptist Church

Dear Dr. Loke, I would like to thank you for your intellectual efforts in disseminating the case for theism and the Christian faith. I am originally from a Muslim background and at one point I became a convinced metaphysical naturalist-atheist. My reading of your book, ‘God and Ultimate Origins’ was one of the key steps which led me back to theism as a law undergraduate. I later embraced the Christian faith, and this was in part due to your writings and talks.

— H

Dear Dr. Dominic,
Thank you for the India Apologetics Conference this morning. I am particularly interested in Eco-Spirituality and thus the talk on Creation was very useful. I enjoyed the talk on the Problem of Evil very much and the other two talks as well. God bless you.

— Dr. M.S. (India)

Greetings. Thank you so much for providing wonderful opportunity to participate in the webinar and listen to eloquent Christian Apologists. And I also thank you for sending the pdf files which will be helpful for me. I would like to request you to organize more Apologetics conference in near future. I felt 3 hours time was not sufficient to cover four vast topics. Therefore, I would like to kindly suggest to have 2 topics for 3 hours seminar that the given topic can be dealt in depth.

— K.P. (India)

Warm greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! Thank you so much for creating a great platform to participate in the Apologetics conference. It was a great time to hear from academics. Thank you so much for the PowerPoint.

— Rev. A. T. (Nepal)

Domenic, many thanks indeed for organizing this seminar i enjoy and cherish this intellectual exchange with servants and maidservants of the Lord from different parts of the world  God bless you and your family 

— Rev. L.L. (Hong Kong)

I want to congratulate each of you for the wonderful Apologetics Live Meeting you conducted. A few of my non Christian friends … joined and were delighted with the whole meeting. Now this speaks volumes for each of you. A few of my religious friends and Bishop…[from] Kerala also joined. Many replied to me expressing their gratitude with the meeting. I too enjoyed the answers a great deal. When I read the questions, I thought that most of the answers would be positive, which is why I said that I smiled at the questions but I was very happy to hear most answers in the negative e.g No God did not create malevolent viruses or God is not angry with us or is punishing us. I gelled with the thinking of all those who spoke at the meeting. Dr Mark Jeremiah, your presentations were extraordinarily superb! Congrats again to one and all. Apologies for the delay. I am very slow.

— Dr. M.S. (India)

It was a great blessing to take part in today’s conference. I thank you so much for sending notes….

— Rev. R.S.G. (India)

Hello Domenic, …. I was listening to the recordings of a zoom conference of August 2020 on Covid-19 hosted by you. I was encouraged with the Christian perspective offered by Mark and others in response to the various questions with reference to Covid pandemic.

— Dr. R.S.(Australia)
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