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星空背后的真理 (駱德恩博士、林大衛博士 ) The Truth Behind the Universe by Andrew Loke and David Lin 

truth behind the universe

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Science and the Christian Faith by Andrew Loke

Many people think that science and the Christian faith are in conflict. This booklet shows that this is a misconception.

While there is no doubt that the scientific method is extremely useful, it cannot prove that only natural entities exist. Moreover, science requires deductive, inductive and causal reasonings, and these can be utilized by the Cosmological Argument to show that an actual infinite regress of cause-and-effect is impossible and that the uncaused Personal First Cause (= Creator) of the universe exists. Additionally, an intelligent Designer is the best explanation for why the unintelligent physical entities of our universe could have consistently behaved in an orderly manner describable by elegant and intricate mathematics. The Big Bang theory is consistent with these arguments and with the Bible, and it can be regarded as a description of the process by which God created the universe, for otherwise an accidental explosion would probably have resulted in disorder and debris, rather than the ordered systems (solar system, quantum system etc) that we see in our universe.

Hence, belief in God is not based on ignorance, but on reasons. The conclusion that the universe has a Creator does not hinder the scientists from discovering how the universe works and hence progressing in their understanding of the natural world. It is possible to reconcile areas in which science and Christianity are widely perceived to be in conflict, such as the age of the cosmos and evolution.

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骆德恩 (Loke, Andrew). 2014.《愈辯愈明》 (Debating the Christian Faith). Revised

edition. 香港:天道. For reviews see here







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