India Apologetics Conference 2020. S1: Creation, Evil, and Hope. (Dr. Andrew Loke, Prof. Kai-man Kwan, Dr. Kai-yan Chan)

William Lane Craig’s Visit to HK
Dialogue with Buddhist scholar: Science and Religion
Christian and Buddhist Perspectives at HK PolyU:

God and The Big Bang – Prof William Lane Craig @HKU

Reasonable Faith Animated videos

Talks by Dr Andrew Loke (English and Chinese) 

  • Is there a God? (Chinese) 宇宙是否有創造者?国内网站:
  • Science and the Christian Faith (English)
  • Responding to the challenge of Radical Postmodernism (Chinese) 回應極端後現代主義的挑戰 国内网站:
  • Why does God allow suffering? (English)
  • Is there a God? (English)
  • Divine sovereignty and human responsibility (Chinese with English translation) 神的主權與人的責任 :   国内网站:;驳归正网文章_反驳骆德恩_神的主权与人的自由_
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