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  • 護教課程:由智慧設計到耶穌復活

    Upcoming apologetics course in Chinese: From Intelligent Design to the Resurrection of Jesus Co-organized by Church Minister’s College with HKCCA 合作機構:教牧裝備學院(CMC) 日期:六月一日至七月十三日 (逢星期五) 時間:下午十時三十分至九時四十五分 地點:沙田浸信會合一堂 (交通指示按此)

  • The Evidences for God (10 weeks course)

    Course Description: Many of our non-Christian friends face intellectual obstacles when they encounter the Christian faith. These obstacles include the assumptions that faith is irrational and that the universe can be explained by natural processes without God, and the presence… Read More ›

  • Hong Kong Apologetics Night

    Hong Kong Apologetics Night Biola friends and family are invited to join President Barry Corey for a special evening event featuring two first-class Apologists, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dr. Clay JonesTogether, these Biola professors will tackle some of today’s most… Read More ›