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Christianity is growing at a tremendous rate among the Chinese people, the largest ethnic group in the world. There is an unprecedented and urgent need for apologetics training to be given to Chinese Christians, so as to equip them to live lives that are based on solid biblical principles and to be ready to answer difficult questions concerning their faith. Strengthening and equipping Chinese Christians in this way will help to actualize their potential for cross-cultural mission and fulfilling the Great Commission.


Aims and Objectives

  1. To raise awareness of the need for apologetics and to promote reliable apologetics in Chinese churches.
  2. Discipleship: To equip and strengthen the body of Christ in the area of apologetics and Christian doctrines, so that they can be more confident in their Christian faith and enjoy a greater intimacy with God.
  3. Evangelism: to train Christians who are able to articulate the reasons for the hope that we have in God, and help pre-believers overcome their obstacles concerning belief in Christ.





  1. 提高華人教會信徒對護教學需要的意識及推廣可信的護教學。
  2. 門徒訓練:透過護教學及基督教學說訓練,裝備及強化基督的身體,使信徒能在信仰上更穩固扎根,享受與神更親密的關係。
  3. 傳福音:訓練信徒能述說其得救盼望的緣由,以及協助慕道者解決其信仰上的疑難。


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