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Christianity is growing at a tremendous rate among the Chinese people, the largest ethnic group in the world. There is an unprecedented and urgent need for apologetics training to be given to Chinese Christians, so as to equip them to live lives that are based on solid biblical principles and to be ready to answer difficult questions concerning their faith. Strengthening and equipping Chinese Christians in this way will help to actualize their potential for cross-cultural mission and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To raise awareness of the need for apologetics and to promote reliable apologetics in Chinese churches.
  2. Discipleship: To equip and strengthen the body of Christ in the area of apologetics and Christian doctrines, so that they can be more confident in their Christian faith and enjoy a greater intimacy with God.
  3. Evangelism: to train Christians who are able to articulate the reasons for the hope that we have in God, and help pre-believers overcome their obstacles concerning belief in Christ.

Statement of Faith

  1. The Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired Word of God, truthful in all that it affirms, and the supreme authority in matters of faith and conduct.
  2. The one and only God is tri-personal: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit being distinct, equally divine persons. The triune God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, perfect, eternal and the uncreated Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all creation.
  3. Human beings are created by God in His image, but all have sinned and incurred condemnation, and are incapable of saving themselves.
  4. God, in His mercy and love, made provision for human redemption through the Savior Jesus Christ, in fulfilment of the promises and prophecies in the Old Testament. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, truly divine and truly human. He was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, and suffered and died on the cross as a vicarious atonement for the sins of humankind. On the third day He rose again, appeared to many people, and ascended into heaven.
  5. Humans are saved and declared righteous by grace through faith in Christ alone, through whom sinners can receive forgiveness and become children of God and heirs of eternal life. Believers are a new creation in Christ, and are called to walk in the Spirit, to die unto sin, and to live unto righteousness. Good works are the fruits of salvation, and not the means of salvation.
  6. The Holy Spirit indwells believers and guides, corrects, consoles, and empowers them to live holy lives.
  7. All believers belong to Christ and make up the Body of Christ, the Church. Believers should worship God, study the Bible, pray, receive baptism and the Holy Communion, fellowship with other Christians, serve God, and share His love and the Gospel with others.
  8. In the last day, Christ will come again personally and visibly to judge the living and the dead. The dead will be raised, the unsaved unto condemnation, and the saved unto the inheritance of eternal life and entrance into the new heaven and new earth.





  1. 提高華人教會信徒對護教學需要的意識及推廣可信的護教學。
  2. 門徒訓練:透過護教學及基督教學說訓練,裝備及強化基督的身體,使信徒能在信仰上更穩固扎根,享受與神更親密的關係。
  3. 傳福音:訓練信徒能述說其得救盼望的緣由,以及協助慕道者解決其信仰上的疑難。


  1.    新舊約聖經都是神所默示,全然可靠,是基督徒信仰與生活的最高權威。
  2. 聖父、聖子、聖靈是三位一體獨一真神,是創造萬有、統管萬有,與受造物有別,是全能、全知、全在、全善、全愛的永恆者。
  3. 人是按著神的形象受造,但都犯了罪,且要為所犯的罪面對神公義的審判, 不能自救.
  4. 神因著慈愛與憐憫,為人類預備救恩。聖父按照祂藉著舊約先知啓示的應許和預言,差遣聖子來到世間。聖子取了人性,從聖靈感孕,藉童女馬利亞出生,名叫耶穌。基督耶穌是完全的神與完全的人,祂一生完全順服父神,完全無罪,卻甘心擔當世人的罪,釘死在十字架上,為人類作成救贖之功。第三天從死裏復活,向多人顯現,然後升天。
  5. 罪人蒙拯救,不是靠行為表現,唯獨靠著神的恩典,藉著耶穌完美的生命和祂的代死,罪人可以不因罪滅亡,反得白白得到赦免和永生,並且因信而得稱為義人。已經真正相信耶穌的信徒,必然在基督裏成為新造的人。他會以基督為生命的主,願意藉著讀聖經和禱告親近神,並願意依靠聖靈的能力,活出美好的品格,愛神愛人,熱心行善。
  6. 聖靈住在信徒心中,引導、督責、安慰、賜力量,使基督徒的生命成為聖潔。
  7. 所有信徒屬於基督的教會。信徒應當在教會中學習更多的聖經,敬拜神,禱告,接受洗禮和領受聖餐,和其他基督徒相交,運用神賜予的才幹和恩賜事奉神,並將神的愛和福音傳給人。
  8. 末了,基督耶穌將在大能和榮耀中再來,所有人將要復活,面對基督的審判。非得救者復活被定罪,進入永刑;得救者復活得永生,進入新天新地。


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