Month: September 2021

課程名稱:Faith & Reason (II):From Intelligent Design to Jesus’ Resurrection講師: 1) 關啟文教授(香港浸會大學宗教及哲學系教授;香港大學電機工程學士;蘇格蘭University of Aberdeen道學學士,英國牛津大學碩士及博士,專攻宗教哲學、宗教與科學的對話、社會倫理等領域)2) 陳啟恩博士(香港理工大學應用社會科學系專任導師;香港大學哲學博士)3) 駱德恩博士 (香港浸會大學宗教及哲學系副教授;專攻宗教哲學、護教學、宗教與科學的對話; a former medical doctor)地點: 不限- Zoom時間: Sat. 8-10am (Hong Kong time) 兩小時語言: 廣東話- translated into Putonghua(最後一課是普通話- translated into Cantonese)課程分題:Oct 2, 2021: 基督教創造論──生物的智慧設計 (關啟文教授)Oct 9: 從道德律到上帝──道德論證 (關啟文教授)Oct 16: 靈魂存在嗎?瀕死經驗的啟示 (關啟文教授)Oct 23: 靈魂存在嗎?唯物論的批判 (陳啟恩博士)Oct 30: 耶穌的復活──歷史的證據 (駱德恩博士) For details, please see the posters attached.For registration, go directly to: go to; click on the navigation bar to go to the page “Global Classroom”; register as a user and find the course there. YOU ARE ALSO STRONGLY ENCOURAGED INTO TO SPREAD THE NEWS TO OTHERS. THANKS.Enquiry: send an email to