Upcoming Apologetic Course: The Evidences for Christianity | 最新課程: 基督教的證據

ICA Academy and Hong Kong Centre for Christian Apologetics jointly offer the Apologetic course – The Evidences for Christianity. Many of our non-Christian friends face intellectual obstacles when they encounter the Christian faith. This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to articulate compelling responses that would help to remove these obstacles in practical settings. This will be achieved through high impact learning practices such as interviewing their friends and participating in group debates. This is a follow-up to “The Evidences for God” course, where it covered the Kalaam Cosmological Argument and the Design Argument for the existence of God, the Creation and Evolution Controversy and the Problem of Evil and Suffering. However, taking the previous course will not be a prerequisite for taking this course.

Welcome to the Hong Kong Centre for Christian Apologetics


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